On Thursday March 28, 2019 the Beautiful Peace Garden was officially open by Her Excellency Lady Allen Patron, accompanied by DG Patrick Adizua, Mr. Alfred Thomas, Chairman of Nature Preservation Foundation, Ms. Hilary Coulton, PR, Chase Fund, IPP Jem and President Jem.
During the 2017/2018 Rotary Year, our President for that year, Pres. Jemelia Davis, shared her vision of erecting a Peace Garden which was intended to contribute to the creation of a culture of peace in Jamaica to complement the efforts being pursued by the agencies and groups within the formal sector, aimed at fostering dialogue between people, resulting in the reduction of the high incidents of conflict being experienced in Jamaica.
The Peace Project was the  expression of the Club’s commitment to promote and influence peace and harmony  in our fair island. The first step was to establish a Peace Garden in a serene environment or place of solace and beauty, where people may mediate or find an opportunity to think about peaceful resolutions to conflicts, exchange ideas and experiences, visit a haven of peace in an otherwise stressful community, a garden space which will provide an atmosphere for conversation and relaxation away from hectic areas, with walkways, paths and private sitting spaces.
It was also hoped that gazebos in which training in anger management may be conducted or in which mediation events may be held, would be constructed and utilized by members of the RCSA to mentor, foster and develop and implement programs which will help young people from a number of corporate area communities and schools find peaceful resolutions to interpersonal problems which they might have.
IPP Jem in her presentation at the opening said “Yu tink wi dun, we jus a com!!”  Phase 1 has been completed.  Phase 2 is just on the horizon with the National Hope Project standing in the wings to begin training in gardening techniques and skills to create young specialists in the gardening arena, who will eventually start their own businesses.