“If we train our youth properly, we need not have any fear as to the future of the
— Inaugural Address, 1949 Rotary Convention, New York, New York, USA
The Rotary Club of St. Andrew, in its 55th year, has a long tradition of service and community engagement. This was on full display with the generous donation of tablets, textbooks, and stationery items to 6 deserving students of the Allman Town Primary.
Our continued commitment to the Allman Town Primary has seen several contributions over the years to improve the students' quality of learning. This is truly Continuity in Service and Service in Continuity.
The donation, tablets, textbooks, and stationery items valued at $180,000 is part of the Club's drive to focus on education.
The Rotary Club of St. Andrew prides itself on supporting Basic Education and Literacy. This is why we have decided to undertake several literacy projects for this Rotary year.
The President of the Club, Ammesha Brown, noted "we just had to do something. COVID-19 has made many of the issues in education worse, so it was important for the Rotary Club of St. Andrew to make this donation. Our students have lost so many hours of education, and we need to do all we can to move them forward."
This year we are proud and excited to be donating books to aid in the preparation of PEP exams and tablets, so access to online learning is made easier available. We will also give the students over six months' internet subscription.
Change for Change
The club is aware of some students' challenges accessing the internet. So we have launched an ongoing initiative where we will collect spare change to support our Basic Education and Literacy projects.
"This is typically money that people have sitting there, so why not put it to use. The spare change can really make a change in these students' lives," the Club's director of Service Projects, Rocque Ferguson-Coote, remarked.
We are facing challenging times, and as Rotarians, it is every bit of our mandate to demonstrate Service Above Self, to see how best we can serve our communities with our resources and vocations.