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     The Rotary Club of St. Andrew
       The British Statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke likened institutions to living organism, attesting to the fact that they must be constantly cared for and nurtured, otherwise they will die. In our own experiences, we have seen great institutions of the past, which were neither nurtured nor cared for which eventually died. Let this not be said of the Rotary Club of St Andrew.
       The Rotary Club of St Andrew obtained its charter on September 8, 1966. It was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kingston which deputed Erald Shilletto, an Insurance Executive to lay the foundation for what was then the third Rotary Club in Jamaica. First Kingston, then Montego Bay, then St Andrew. We are honored to have our only remaining charter member Jim who has joined us for our meeting today.
       Indeed for many years following our founding, Erald was responsible for recruiting the majority of the membership. The interesting thing about Erarld, was that he worked on the ground, but sought no office in the club for which he was responsible.
       The charter president was Rt Rev. Bishop Tommy Clarke, who was then rector of the St Andrew Parish Church.
       The Rotary Club of St Andrew has a rich and glorious heritage, with membership peaking at 78, and used to be regarded by many, as the second most influential Rotary club in Jamaica, in regard to its work in communities, its national contribution and the quality of its membership.
       DG and AG's
       Over the years, we have had one District Governor from our membership who served the District during the year 1989-90. We have had three Assistant Governors, Al who served 1988-89, yours truly 1989-92 and Orville Walker 1992-95. Don't be surprised, I am personally aware of many of our members who were asked to serve as Assistant Governors but declined for one reason or another.
       It should be noted that during those years there were only two assistant governors in the entire island of Jamaica, one in the east and the other in the west. During those years the AG in the east, was responsible for servicing all the clubs in Kingston, St Andrew, Spanish Town, Pt Antonio, Ocho Rios and May Pen.
       Sponsorship of Clubs
       Over the years we were responsible for the formation of two clubs, the Rotary Club of Pt Antonio and the first Breakfast Club, the Rotary Club of New Kingston. The story is that Al, while DG, went to an international Conference, saw a morning club in action, and upon his return, left no stone unturned until he succeeded in having one launched in Jamaica. How well do I remember him agonizing about choosing a name for this club. Among the names he mentioned  were the Knutsford Rotary Club, the Liguanea Rotary Club and the New Kingston Rotary Club.
       Leadership in Women's involvement.
       Grace Ashley became the first woman in Jamaica to be admitted into membership of Rotary in 1993. At that time it was a most contentious issue, as some of our then members resigned in protest of women being brought into the Club.
       Various Projects
       It would take an entire day to mention the significant projects of the club over these past 50 years. I crave your indulgence, in the interest of time to mention only three which can be considered as national and international.
       Between 1981-94 the club was awarded a total of 13 Ambassadorial Scholarships by Rotary International, the construction of the Cardiac Diagnostic Unit at UWI which serves people from the Caribbean area, and laying the foundation for the National Sports Hall of Fame. Mention must also be made of the ongoing wheelchair project.